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Editorial Roles

I'm founder and Editor of Temple Studies in Criminalization, History, and Society (Temple University Press) and I’m Editor-in-Chief of International Social Science Journal (Wiley). You can have more information about these two prestigious research outlets below.

I also sit in the editorial board of The Sociological Review, the first Sociology journal of Britain and I am founding editorial board member of I.S. Med. Interdisciplinary Journal on the Mediterranean

Book Series Editor of Temple Studies in Criminalization, History, and Society

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I am book series editor of Temple Studies in Criminalization, History, and Society. I founded Temple Studies in Criminalization, History, and Society book series to fill the gap in our knowledge on understanding how empires, states, organisation, sects, and groups used criminalisation to consolidate their power across time and space. The book series aims to promote both theoretical and methodological understanding of criminalization and its various patterns at the local, national, and global levels throughout modern and contemporary history. The book series is guided by the conviction that issues surrounding criminalization not only reflect the form of society and polity but also assist us in uncovering how hierarchical power relationships and entrenched social practices have evolved over time. This examination reveals how injustice occurred and to what extent social and political forces shaped the destiny of individuals and communities in diverse geographies and historical periods. Clarifying this complex process across societies is essential for shedding new light on the most challenging issues we face today. Temple Studies in Criminalization, History, and Society provides a platform for emerging and established scholars to address these critical issues, pioneer interdisciplinary approaches, and spark a stimulating and scholarly debate.



For submissions and more information please visit the website of Temple Studies in Criminalization, History, and Society by clicking here.

Editor-in-Chief of International Social Science Journal


I am Editor-in-Chief International Social Science Journal.The Journal is managed by a team of associate editors and the editorial board to bring the recent cutting-edge scholarship in different disciplines of social sciences to the fore and lead scholarly discussions. The International Social Science Journal has been publishing more than 70 years and bridging social science communities across disciplines and continents with a view to sharing information and debate with the widest possible audience.


The ISSJ has a particular focus on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work that pushes the boundaries of current approaches, and welcomes both applied and theoretical research. Originally founded by UNESCO in 1949, ISSJ has since grown into a forum for innovative review, reflection and discussion informed by recent and ongoing international, social science research. It provides a home for work that asks questions in new ways and/or employs original methods to classic problems and whose insights have implications across the disciplines and beyond the academy.

We’re a free format Journal which means that you can format your manuscript and your references in the style or format you’d prefer. Please confirm the format you’ve chosen is consistent throughout.  For more information about the journal and submission, please visit the website of ISSJ by clicking here.

Editorial Board Member of the Sociological Review 

 The Sociological Review is one of the world’s foremost
peer-reviewed academic journals for sociological inquiry in all traditions. Founded in 1908, The Sociological Review is the UK’s oldest sociology journal. International and interdisciplinary in focus, it showcases theoretically advanced and methodologically rigorous studies that look at issues of the social world through the lens of sociological imagination.

Editorial Board Member of I.S.MED
Interdisciplinary Studies on the Mediterranean 

I.S. Med. Interdisciplinary Studies on the Mediterranean aims at filling a gap in research by producing an interdisciplinary dialogue about the Mediterranean in the modern and contemporary eras. The Mediterranean is here understood as a geo-cultural space spanning across national borders and expressed in humanities, social studies, art, media, pop culture, socio-linguistics and creative writing.

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