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Public event: The Historical Sociology of Outlaws (SI issue for the Journal of Historical Sociology)


webinar is organised for the presentation of special issue published in the Journal of Historical Sociology.

About this event This webinar aims to bring together leading scholars in the field to have an intellectual exchange on bandits, brigands, and militants. The special issue has recently been published in the Journal of Historical Sociology, entitled: "Bandits, Brigands, and Militants: The Historical Sociology of Outlaws". There are ten research articles in this special issue. Each author will present the paper in15 and 5 minutes QA session will be held afterwards. In the QA session, participants can ask questions. The webinar's schedule follows the order of articles published in the special issue : 1-Introduction by Dr Baris Cayli Messina as a guest editor 2-The Global History of Social Dissent: Deconstructing Outlaws within the Conundrum of Crime, Conflict, and Violence by Dr Baris Cayli Messina (University of Derby, UK) 3- "Palestine's Robin Hood": Abu-Jildeh and the Making of a Social Bandit by Dr Shlomi Chetrit (The Israeli Police Heritage Centre, Israel) 4- The Black Sheep of the Land: Bandits in the Polish Borderlands, 1918-1925 by Dr Aleksandra Pomiecko (U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum, USA) 5- Bandits, Militants, and Martyrs: Sub-state Violence as Claim to Authority in Late Antique North Africa by Dr Greg Goalwin (Aurora University, USA) 6- Reluctant Militants: Colonialism, Territory, and Sanusi Resistance on the Ottoman Saharan Frontier by Dr Jonathan Lohnes (Cornell University, USA) 7- Eustace the Monk: Banditry, Piracy and the Limits of State Authority in the High Middle Ages by Dr Peter Lehr (University of St Andrews, UK) 8- The Myth of the Eternal State: Armenian Outlaws, American Outsiders, and the Ottoman Search for Order by Dr Emrah Sahin (University of Florida, USA) 9- Trouble with the Outlaws: Nationalist Romancing of Bandits’ Past and its Jeopardy for the Modern Greek State by Dr Sappho Xenakis (Birkbeck, University of London, UK) 10- National Robin Hoods and Local Avengers: On Two Shifts in the Criminal Myth of Rayyā and Sakīna in Present-Day Egypt (Dr Elena Chiti, Stockholm University, Sweden) 11- ‘The Captain of the Band is Un Galant Uomo’: The Good Bandit from Boccaccio to Washington Irving by Alessandro Ceteroni and Simone Maria Puleo (University of Connecticut, USA) Please register to attend the meeting via the link below:


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